API browser of generalFormRequest430 COM module
Interface version: 4.30
Interface date: 7 Sep 2011

The GeneralFormRequestManager is an ATL COM module that manages a PDF based form system. The module provides all the necessary methods to produce a filled out PDF form or a generalFormRequest_430.xsd type XML infoset that includes the PDF form itself as Base64 octet stream.

Empty PDF form templates from the medForms OID space or previously processed PDF form can be loaded into the module.

The generalFormRequest system does not endorse a paradigm of "completeness" or "100% preset capability". Therefore, the PDF form can only be finalized by a user-driven review process whereas Acrobat Reader using a preset PDF form does the visualization.

At the end a final PDF form and/or a XML infoset of type generalFormRequest_430.xsd is produced.
In the XML case by using the processing attributes "storno" and "copy" a previously generated and sent XML infoset can be canceled or a copy can be produced (cf. Notes about processing attributes).

/images/arrow_right.png Interfaces 5 interface
IAddress The utility interface IAddress is available for setting and retrieving structured address data.
IForms The IForms interface allows to update the form template space as well as to search and iterate over the virual hierarchical tree representation of that form space.
IGeneralFormRequest With the IGeneralFormRequest interface all PDF form related data and parameters are set/defined by the interface's methods.
IGeneralFormRequestManager The main interface IGeneralFormRequestManager -creatable in its own right- provides all necessary methods to generate a filled out PDF form or a XML infoset of type generalFormRequest_430.xsd
IGeneralFormResult The interface IGeneralFormResult allows to read back all data that have been defined with the IGeneralFormRequest interface or by loading a previously generated XML infoset.
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type definitions List of all used builtin, composite and enumeration types
/images/arrow_right.png Important documents about the usage and handling
Document IMPORTANT: Boundary conditions for the usage of the PDF Viewer
Document General usage of the generalFormRequest430 COM module - an overview
Document What to do in a 64bit environment - is there a 64bit Sumex1 COM dll?
Document Overview of the concept of "Object reference"
Document Notes about the processing attributes
Document Notes about the signature part of the XML infoset
Document Notes about the encryption part of the XML infoset
Document VB code snippet for using the generalFormRequest430 COM module