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List of System Integrators

The companies listed below intend to integrate some or all of the ATL COM modules into their software product/s.

If your company should be included in this list, please use the contact services containing the necessary details.
The listing is free of charge. Entries appear chronologically in order of message receipt.

Company Product Type
TMR AG WinMed Praxisinformationssystem
AG Büro 70 PABS Spitalinformationssystem
IBITECH AG IBI-care Leistungserfassung
PsiPi SA PsiMed & others Gestion de Cabinets Médical
Vitodata AG vitoMed Spital-/Praxis-Administration
HCI Solutions AG TriaMed Praxisinformationssystem
HÄRRY AG KIM Mobile Leistungserfassung
Agfa HealthCare AG ORBIS Klinikinformationssystem
Tecnoprogram SA Medical 2000 Praxis-Administration
TCG Informatik AG TELEform Leistungserfassung
EDS Information Business GmbH DIOHIS Gesamtlösung für Heime,
Spitäler und Kliniken
Praxinova AG KAGE® Elektronische KG
CIA SA GCMED Gestion de Cabinets Médical
Erne Consulting AG POLYPOINT Software für
integrierte Planung
PROFICON AG   Praxis-Administration
Delemed AG Delemed PEX II® Praxis-Administration
WigaSoft AG WigAgent/PAMS Leistungserfassung
ID Informatique & Développement SA Medix-2000 Gestion de Cabinets Médical
VarioSoft mFmed EVOLUTION Praxis-Administration
InfoCall Produkte AG MEDICOwin® Praxis-Administration
Parametrix Solutions AG Phoenix Klinik-Informationssystem
topCare Management AG ClinicCoach Leistungserfassung
modan software ag modan medica v3.0/SQL Praxis-Administration
NEXUS AG NEXUS.MedFolio Klinik-Informationssystem
Ines Informatik+Consulting InesDezentral Leistungserfassung
Axon Lab AG Achilles Praxis-Administration
SYSMeta IT Tangerine Gestion Cabinet Médical
AOP Schulze MediTotal Praxis-Administration
Beaulieu Software Sàrl bsn MediOffice Gestion Cabinet Médical
ISEWatt MCS Praxis-Administration
VisualGest Sarl VisualGest Gestion Cabinet Médical
Polypol AG Polypol Medical Praxis-Administration
Gespower New Technologies Médisoft 5 Gestion Cabinet Médical
Z-soft Informatik Zs-Heim-/Kurhaus Klinik-/Heimadministration
Medical IT Services GmbH Medical Desktop X Praxis-Administrationstool
HSCI Consulting KeyCab Gestion de Cabinets Médical
Tschu Software Development FacTarmed12 Praxis-Administration
Datagest Cabinet Médical Gestion de Cabinets Médical
bosshart consulting & services Praxis2000 Praxis-Administration
Ingenieurbüro Stefan Möckli ELIGO Praxis-Administration
data dynamic ag dynamicMED Patientenadministration & -abrechnung
dres. halter/streit tarceps - tmonline Praxisadministration für
Grundversorger Kt. BE
Distler GmbH SHC Administration für Spitex & Pflegeheime
Logival Informatique Mediway Gestion de Cabinets Médical
Handylife Handy Patients Praxis-Administration
SOFTplus Entwicklungen GmbH THERAPIEplus Praxis-Administration
Alwicom SA GestoMedical Praxis-Administration, Elektronische KG
SwissChiroPool ChirWin Chiropaktik-Software
SwissChiroPool PhysWin Physiotherapie-Software
Tectis GmbH eChiropractor Chiropraktoren-Software
Hexabit GmbH Luna Praxis-Administration