The generalCreditResponse module provides all the necessary tools for loading and thereafter analyzing XML infosets of type generalCreditResponse_450. These infosets are responses to a previously sent credit where the topmost object reference defines target request/response. Therefore, generalCreditResponseManager is the logical counterpart of the generalCreditRequestManager.

Architectural blueprint

To get the results of such an infoset, firstly the XML file is loaded into the module by the IGeneralCreditResponseManager::LoadXML method. Upon successful analyzing the file the method returns a IGeneralCreditResponse interface. All response data and parameters of one credit can be retrieved by the supplied interface methods as e.g. IGeneralCreditResponse:GetPatient,...

The IGeneralCreditResponseManager::Print method can be used to visualize the whole response content.

Please also have a look at the Important Documents that serves as a jump start and might effect the ease of the implementation.

Keyfacts at a glance

Version 450
Last update:  Thursday, 27 October 2022 - 18:03:23
Module version/date:  4.50.002 27 Oct 2022
Interface version/date: 4.50 1 Nov 2019
Covering: XML schema 4.50 from 1. Nov. 2019
Version 430
Last update:  Monday, 21 January 2019 - 14:46:40
Module version/date:  4.30.004 21 Jan 2019
Interface version/date: 4.30 3 Feb 2011
Covering: XML schema 4.30 from 3. Feb. 2011

API browser

The online documentation browser allows you to browse, view, and check the various interfaces, methods und properties of the Dll. Please note, that this documentation is included in the full installer in form of a .CHM file.
Date Time API version
27.08.22 10:39:08 V4.50: View API browser
27.08.22 10:39:08 V4.50: Download API browser .CHM file
16.10.17 12:08:11 V4.30: View API browser
16.10.17 12:08:11 V4.30: Download API browser .CHM file

Download area for generalCreditResponse related files

Installation directory:
Silent install:
    generalCreditResponseInstaller.exe /s /v"/quiet INSTALLDIR=\"c:\my test\" "
Silent uninstall:
    generalCreditResponseInstaller.exe /s /v"/quiet REMOVE=ALL INSTALLDIR=\"c:\my test\" "
Date Version Description
27.10.22 4.50.002 generalCreditResponseManager with the new restserver generalCreditResponseManager450Server450 - cf. history
Download generalCreditResponseManager installer (13.7 MB)
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Date Version Description
21.01.19 4.30.004 The usage of this version is deprecated - use a newer version!
GeneralCreditResponseManager installer with cumulative updates - cf. history
Download GeneralCreditResponseManager installer ( 17.3 MB)
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