• the site for
    software developers
    using Sumex I ATL COM modules
    is a sweeping joint industry
    initiative by SUVA
  • It helps mastering the complexity
    of tariffs like Tarmed and
    the electronic billing system
  • All Software companies in the
    Healthcare sector can
    benefit from SUMEX I
  • due to easy useable black
    boxes for tariff validation
    and data generation
  • Sumex I implements the open
    Forum Datenaustausch standards

Late breaking news

miscValidator200: new and updated tariffs
tarmedValidator: new build with incorporated Tarmed 1.09 tariff

You're not the only one using implementing benefiting from our modules...

Sumex1 has become a de facto standard for Swiss healthcare professionals for mastering the complexity of the complicated tariffs like Tarmed and DRG as well as utilize new techniologies like the electronic billing system out of a box

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