Regarding today's publication of tarmedValidator100...

Friday, 10 November 2017

Today’s release of tarmedValidator100 build 1.00.125 includes Tarmed 1.09 valid from 1.1.2018. Below are some important key facts of the new tarmedValidator100 and the new Tarmed 1.09, respectively that might be important for its usage. Basically, it can be said that programmatic changes on main program's part are minimal and only necessary in the area of searching/qualifying (ISearch/IUtility/ICatalog).

Key facts

  • law-dependent separation of Tarmed beginning 1.1.2018: Tarmed 1.08.2 is used in the social insurance area whereas Tarmed 1.09 is used in the KV|VV area (cf. comment on ITarmedInput)
  • 4380 services of Tarmed 1.09 have been undergone a TP change (cf. Tarmed changes)
  • 90 new, replaced and/or changed services (cf. Tarmed changes)
  • 123 services mainly from the social insurance area have been be terminated as of 31.12.2017 (cf. Tarmed changes)
  • TP reduction of the medical part for the "Practical Physician" (cf. comments on the scope of "Practical Physician")
  • Creation of a new type of age limit, namely the standard age interval and the negation thereof. In a formal notation:
    • age x ∈ [limit_a, limit_b] means that x is inside the interval
    • age x ∈ not [limit_a, limit_b] means that x is outside the interval.
    (cf. comments on GetAgeRestriction)
  • In general the number of time limits as well as a narrowing/tightening of these have been massively increased such as e.g. service 00.0010 "Consultation" (cf. comments on Expand and FindDescendant)
  • Service chains of the type "123" aka "First-Next-Last" partially have been made age dependent that is the expansion result depends on the age of the patient as well as on the time expanded (cf. comments on Expand and FindDescendant)

Further reading

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We hope to have made a valuable contribution with this update  -  this is Sumex1