Regarding the retention of Tarmed 1.08.02 in the social insurance sector...


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

As published by various media, the new Tarmed 1.09 tariff will not be utilized by the social insurances at 01.01.2018. The tariff partners in the social insurance sector have agreed to remain at Tarmed 1.08.02 for at least up the 31.03.2018, while in the KVG/VVG sector the BAG-modified Tarmed 1.09 enters into force at 01.01.2018.

This usage requirement does not represent a major obstacle when using the Sumex1 tarmedValidator

The upcoming build of tarmedValidator will have 2 databases per language, namely the Tarmed versions 1.08.02 and 1.09. Depending on the law, the tarmedValidator uses one or the other Tarmed tariff transparently. In order for this to work without problems, the law must be defined at the earliest possible point in a validator session by using the method ITarmedInput::SetTreatment(). This is the primary key signal to shift focus from the default tariff Tarmed 1.09 to Tarmed 1.08.02 (notably if the law is UV | IV | MV).

Please check your code to ensure that the method ITarmedInput::SetTreatment() is set at the beginning of the Tarmed validator usage or change the code to ensure calling the aforementioned method early.
The nasty details are done by the tarmedValidator  -  automatically and transparently  -  this is Sumex1