Announcement of new Notification430, FormRequest430 FormResponse430 XML standards and COM modules...

Friday, 23 September 2011
The Forum Datenaustausch has endorsed new XML standards on its meeting of 7th September 2011.
These standards are
  • generalNotification_430.xsd
  • generalFormRequest_430.xsd
  • generalFormResponse_430.xsd
The standards have been published now and become productive on 1st January 2012
What does that mean?
  • generaNotification_430.xsd
    The generalNotification is system to establish an eMail like structured message exchange between to partners.
    The systems differs from other standards as it is a symmetric system - thus there is no distinction between request and response.
    Furthermore, by using the formOID attribute of the message a form request process can be initiated at any point of the message exchange.
  • generalFormRequest_430.xsd and generalFormResponse_430.xsd
    This is the new form request/response system for managing a PDF based form exchange system. The generated XML infosets
    of type generalFormRequest_430.xsd include all extracted PDF form variables as well as the Base64 coded PDF itself.
    Empty PDF form templates from the medForms OID space or previously processed PDF forms can be loaded into the module.
Sumex1 coverage...
All new standards are covered by a corresponding Sumex1 COM module, namely
To get a starting point study the API documentation. Especially pay attention to the documents on the very first
page under the label «Important information about the usage and handling of the module».
Whereas the XML standards are approved the interfaces of these COM modules are not yet!
All V4.3 COM modules are kept on a beta1 level until mid of January 2012.

All developers are very welcomed to submit bugs, criticism, and suggestions regarding the interface and their methods.