Developer pre-release of the tarmedValidator with IAP services


Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Dear developers

Same procedure as every year - a tarmedValidator with new features will be released. We are sorry for being so late, however we received the new database version only today.

The published installer is a developer pre-release for testing purposes only! The official release is planned for next week.
Please note that the french and italian translations for the IAP services are not yet available, therefore these services have been included with the german texts.

The new version has the IAP services included (new "sub tariff" for the "Belegärzte" see chapter 50), and the PKA services (50.0010 and 50.0020) will therefore end on 31.12.2006.

Please note that the new IAP services have a tax point value of 1.0 since these services are defined as francs! The services which require a tax point value of 1.0 can be identified by using the ISearch::ServiceType property (a service type of 'F' stands for 'francs'). As of 1.1.2007 IAP services can be added as tarmed services.

Best regards
Sumex1 team

Download area of the tarmedValidator