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/images/arrow_right.png IGeneralInvoiceResult interface V4.30/26 Aug 2010 
The IGeneralInvoiceResult interface allows to read back all data that have been set by the IGeneralInvoiceRequest interface or by loading a previously generated XML infoset with the IGeneralInvoiceRequestManger::LoadXML method. space
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GetAbortInfo Get the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
GetBalance Retrieves the balance information.
GetBiller Retrieves the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the biller
GetCard Retrieves the patient's insurance card information (might be the patient card later on)
GetCredit Retrieves the optional credit object reference parameters
GetEmployer Retrieves the various identifiers (EAN, Reg number,...) and the structured address of the employer of the patient
GetEsr Retrieves the ESR 5 or 9 information if the ESR type is not enRedPayinSlip
GetEsrRed Retrieves the ESR Red (red payin slip) information if the ESR type is enRedPayinSlip
GetEsrType Retrieves the type of the ESR.
GetFirstDiagnosis Retrieves the first diagnosis
GetFirstDocument Retrieves the first document
GetFirstService Retrieves the first none-Tarmed service record
GetFirstTarmedService Retrieves the first Tarmed service record
GetFirstVat Retrieves the first VAT information
GetGuarantor Retrieves the structured address of the guarantor of the patient that is the patient himself or his legal representative
GetInsurance Retrieves the EAN and the structured address of the insurance
GetInvoice Retrieves the invoice object reference parameters
GetLaw Retrieves the data about the applied and its dependent information
GetNextDiagnosis Retrieves the next diagnosis
GetNextDocument Retrieves the next document
GetNextService Retrieves the next none-Tarmed service record
GetNextTarmedService Retrieves the next Tarmed service record
GetNextVat Retrieves the next vat information
GetPackage Retrieves the identification parameters of the main software that used this DLL.
GetPatient Retrieves the primary parameters and structured address of the patient
GetProcessing Retrieves the processing information used at the last intermediate's side.
GetProvider Retrieves the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the main provider
GetReferrer Retrieves the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the referrer
GetReminder Retrieves the reminder object reference parameters
GetRequest Retrieves the role and place information, the processing parameters "storno" and "copy" besides data language and optional remark.
GetTiers Retrieves the Tiers Garant (TG) or Tiers Payant (TP) mode together with the VAT number and prepaid amount.
GetTransport Returns the transport information that is the routing information going from a sender (from) over the first intermediate (via) to the receiver (to)
GetTreatment Retrieves the primary treatment input data.
GetXtraDrug Retrieves additional drug input data for the defined service record if eRoleType=enRolePharmacist
GetXtraTreatment Retrieves the additional treatment input data if eRoleType=enRoleHospital and/or ePlaceType=enPlaceHospital
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