The StatusResponseManager is an ATL COM module that allows to load and analyze a XML infoset of type statusResponse_430. Such an infoset supplies the status of a set of object references that have been sent to an insurance.

Architectural blueprint

A status response XML infoset is loaded into the module and thereafter analyzed via the IStatusResponseManager interface. Upon successful loading the IStatusResponse interface is returned with which all data especially the object references enhanced with a processing status can be extracted.

The statusResponse module is the logical counterpart of the statusRequest module.

Please also have a look at the Important Documents that serves as a jump start and might effect the ease of the implementation.

Keyfacts at a glance

Version 430
Last update:  Monday, 16 October 2017 - 10:06:06
Module version/date:  4.30.001 31 Aug 2016
Interface version/date: 4.30 26 Aug 2010
Covering: XML schema 4.30 from 26. Aug. 2010

API browser

The online documentation browser allows you to browse, view, and check the various interfaces, methods und properties of the Dll. Please note, that this documentation is included in the full installer in form of a .CHM file.

Date Time API version
16.10.17 10:06:06 V4.30: View API browser
16.10.17 10:06:06 V4.30: Download API browser .CHM file

Download area for statusResponse related files

Date Version Description
16.03.11 4.30.001 installer of the statusResponseManager - initial version.
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