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/images/arrow_right.png IGeneralInvoiceRequest interface V4.30/26 Aug 2010 
With the IGeneralInvoiceRequest interface all the invoice or reminder related data and parameters can be set by the available interface methods like SetPatient, SetTreatment,...

It is very important to add the service records (Tarmed, drug, lab,...) after all other invoice/reminder data e.g. addresses, treatment information has been set. If this ordering is not obeyed, some service parameters like the tax point value can not be correctly determined!

Alternatively to produce the data from scratch the data of a previously generated XML infoset can be loaded with the IGeneralInvoiceRequestManger::LoadXML method and thereafter changed appropriately.

/images/arrow_right.png Methods 30 methods
AddDiagnosis Adds a diagnosis to the list of diagnoses.
AddDocument Adds one document -either inline or online- to the list of documents.
AddService Adds one none-Tarmed service record to the list of none-Tarmed services
AddTarmedService Adds a Tarmed service to the list of Tarmed services
AddTarmedServiceEx Adds a Tarmed service supplying all data - there is no auto-expansion of any data
Finalize Finalizes and validates all data set so far in the GeneralInvoiceRequest interface
GetAbortInfo Get the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
Initialize Initializes all input data in the IGeneralInvoiceRequest interface
SetBiller Sets the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the biller
SetCard Sets the patient's insurance card information (might be the patient card later on) - this information is optional.
SetCredit Sets the optional credit object reference parameters
SetEmployer Sets the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the employer of the patient
SetEsr Sets the ESR 5 or 9 information.
SetEsrRed Sets the information for red payin slips (aka esrRed).
SetGuarantor Sets the structured address of the guarantor of the patient
SetInsurance Sets the EAN and the structured address of the insurance
SetInvoice Sets the invoice object reference
SetLaw Sets the law and its dependent information
SetPackage Defines the identification parameters of the main software that uses this DLL.
SetPatient Sets the primary parameters and structured address of the patient
SetProcessing Sets the processing information used at the last intermediate's side.
SetProvider Sets the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the main provider
SetReferrer Sets the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the referrer - this is an optional part
SetReminder Sets the reminder object reference parameters - in which case the all invoice object reference parameters must be defined
SetRequest Sets the role and place information, the processing parameters "storno" and "copy" besides data language and optional remark
SetTiers Sets the Tiers Garant (TG) or Tiers Payant (TP) mode together with the VAT number and prepaid amount.
SetTransport Sets transport information that is the routing information going from a sender (from) over the first intermediate (via) to the receiver (to)
SetTreatment Sets the primary treatment input data.
SetXtraDrug Sets additional drug input data for the defined service record if eRoleType=enRolePharmacist
SetXtraTreatment Sets additional treatment input data if eRoleType=enRoleHospital and/or ePlaceType=enPlaceHospital
/images/arrow_right.png Properties 2 properties
[get] CreateAddress Create an instance of the IAddress interface
[get] CreateTarmedInput Creates an instance of the ITarmedInput interface